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Stephen M. Lawson

"If it’s me, you choose, I can’t lose."

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Name:Stephen M. Lawson
Birthdate:Nov 8
Location:Soho, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

I came, I saw, tore down these walls
Block one way, I’ll find another
You know you’ll always be discovered
If it’s me, you choose, I can’t lose
I’m in love with you if you love me too, yeah

- army of two | olly murs -

Stephen Martin Lawson is the eldest of three children conceived by New York millionaire and CEO, Martin Lawson. However, life was never happy families. Stephen was the product of an extramarital affair, his father married to a pristine Barbie-like Upper East Side desperate housewife who was happy as long as she had money constantly thrown at her. Stephen's mother, Cherie, was swept off her feet by Martin, who was ultimately not a bad guy but just beyond unhappy in his marriage. He hadn't loved his wife in a long time, and unforunately let himself fall for Cherie and she fell pregnant during their affair.

But not wanting to betray his marriage any longer, he went back to his wife and left Stephen's mother heartbroken and alone to raise a baby by herself. He tried to give her money, but she always sent it back to him, determined to cope on her own and forget the mistakes she made. Because of this, Stephen was raised with a sheer dislike for his father for hurting his mother, and although Martin tried to get to know Stephen when he was old enough to understand, Stephen never wanted to and when he was old enough to understand expletives, told his father to leave him alone and go fuck himself.

However, eventually Stephen learned that Martin had a child - a daughter - to his wife, and then a subsequent son from another affair, as much as he despised his father, he wanted to know his siblings. The three of them met up when Stephen was 20, Jazz was 18, and Kevin 17. They vowed to now let the mistakes of their parents get in the way of the sibling relationship they forged, and to this day remain extremely close. Stephen never judges his brother and sister for wanting a relationship with their father, and in turn, they never judge him for not wanting one. It just is what it is, and their own weird and wonderful take on an unconventional family.

Stephen is an actor and was lucky to score his first acting job when he was 15 as an eldest sibling of a big family on a sitcom. He stayed with the show for about four years before he decided not to renew his contract and his character was written out by going away to college. After that, he signed for a successful romcom produced by Lawrence Hewitt, father to Tristan and Adrian. His second movie was part of a supporting cast playing the best friend of Orion Argyle's lead, which got him a lot of exposure and landed him a lead in a new medical drama TV show set in New York, NYMD as one of the leading cast. His character, Tobias Carlson, is a paramedic.

It was through this job that Stephen met the very hot and very married Braden Kelly. The show took off and was a huge success, and about a year into the job, Stephen and Braden had a one night stand following a production party. It was the start of an ongoing secret affair. Braden said his marriage had turned to shit and because it was ultimately for the purpose of a Green Card, he had lost interest in his husband. The affair with Stephen was passionate, and it has now been carrying on for about four months. There was no doubt about the fact that they had fallen in love, and as hard as Stephen has been trying to keep it a secret, he is about to get rudely sprung in the act my his brother and sister...

Original Character
For musebox/psl: dreamlikenewyork

RP and muse journal only. Original Character for dreamlikenewyork PSL.
PB is Richard madden. No infringement intended.

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